24 June 2010

summer arrives on Wednesday afternoon

Wednesday brings a steady wind but virtually no thermal or slope lift to the hallowed North Downs.

Blaze is set to be the model of 2010

rare evidence of a man multi-tasking as he throws his hat and his wing

The chaps rely on electric assist, bolstered by bbq updrafts to get any kind of sustained flight, then just as the football ends the sky finally comes alive.

nano-paras core out a rather consistent thermal

'gizza fag'

lawn chair cruising...must be summer!

"have you got a copy of 'Fly Spotting' by J.R Hartley?"

Martin makes good use of the Sunshine

Paul's new foamie coaxes the lift

Paul turns up with his new bargain priced foamie which performs jolly well. As soon as he takes to the sky, thermals abound over the castle and the hill and sky come alive for a glorious summer's evening of fine, smooth soaring.

Summer is here...hooorah!! Let's hope it stays for a good while.




  1. I don't know what is best... the photos, comments or planes... congrats !!!!

  2. Thankyou Mr Kike, stay tuned for more nonsense!