05 February 2010

testing day

Duke's got some new slope devices to test
and rounds up the ground crew

'I need one volunteer...you'll do nicely'

'Let's get this down on film......it's all
looking a bit dark though'

'Ray, keep an eye on those paragliders'

away she goes!

lost sight of him....

fossin' 'ell that was close !!



  1. Hello Paul - I am sorry to have missed you guys up at the hill yesterday. Philip and I were chasing the setting sun to get up to Detling before the light failed. You guys were making a chilly retreat while we geared up with the prospect of early night flying! Hope you had a good session. Good to see Duke has been busy in his shed creating some more designs. We managed a couple of flights each under electric power and a couple of nice landings to prove we had not lost the 'gift' before turning home. cheers to all!

  2. Oh crikey Steve, sorry we missed you, I would have held on if I'd known.

    Never mind, the weather is slowly improving and the evenings are strating to draw out again, hope to see you both soon

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  4. glad o'l duke's got back up the hill at last!

    role on the south westerlies again for the half term hols :)


  5. I think it was just about warm enough for him Steve!!

    Half term next week, good stuff hope to see you up the hill then if the wind is good.