25 May 2009

good times on the way

Friday is superb, the air is crackling with thermals with sink patches few and far between. The rise and rise of or pointless pass time continues and it's busy up on the hill.

busy busy

Ray weighs up the cost of a set of match rods or golf clubs offset by the sale of a Wild Thing

well at least someone's happy!

seems these two are as well

better suited to the bumps of Kent than the flat lands of Essex

praise be to Lord Goodwind; guardian of slackers, sink and south westerlies

good for Dean too

The paragliders get a visit from the national champion. Having cross countried from The Dyke to Ashford, he drops in and shows the natives how to cover some serious ground.

male model in the making

Weasel Evo....expect to see more soon

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