17 November 2008

strictly come sloping

Deryck saves the day and provides a good spread of fotos from Saturday. Despite the westerly forecast there's good lift in the moderate wind. The cows have been moved on, so pats shouldn't be an issue for much longer.

Paul films every square foot of the field in the hunt for his missing camera

We're blessed with a bit of sun, but by about 1.30 it's mostly overcast, but there's still buoyant little pockets of air popping off.

Deryck's Toplight is superb in the mid range conditions of the day

Paul gives up the hunt, and has a fly, gayboy fins resplendent

Eric chucks off

Deryck captures Paul launching, more here http://www.vimeo.com/2252930

Eventually it backs round to WNW but by then we're cold, hungry and ready to head home and rub those crusty trails from the outer corners of our eyes.

Until next time.....keeeeeeeeeeep sloping!

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