12 June 2022

Splendid Saturday

Saturday, and finally we're in business!

'I love you so much babe......'

'......let's have a special cuddle.'

and what starts with a discrete fondle, quickly moves on to.... 

a rear entry thrust-a-thon.....

the climatic beat-off is so frantic, his knob
comes off in his hand (just as mum had always warned)!

oh well, let's do some flying instead,
and with a superb sky and a lovely scalie.... does it get much better?

delicate release and pointy finger
to show the way to the lift!


the grin of a man who didn't bin it!

D -list celebrity Professor Gordon Hillman
turns up for a quick dunk in the clubhouse hot tub

Minimoa gets away nicely!

and it has a jolly decent cruise around

good sky and good wind!

anybody seen my plane?

it's behind you!

cyborg face man ready to launch


what have we here then?

Lear we go....

launch stance shows promise.....


a bit too light and bit too breezy means
it's soon doing a tree slalom

let's just pause and admire the sky.....

stragglers from the jubilee flypast

how about that then!

a serene soarer deep from the bowels of Avicraft

ohh that sky!

good, solid british (white) calf muscle!

nice sky!!

that sky though!

shorts are on!

Minimoa moments before its commune with barbed wire 

full size Nimbus chases Mark down the hill

hmmmmmm, lovely bit of aspect ratio right there!

first landing pass is majestic!

unfortunately she falls short of the fence line

we send up the youngest and fittest
(which isn't setting much of a standard tbh)

split hinge is the only damage

it nestles happily, but the crew are on it
with a successful retrieve!

 half man, half plane

23 May 2022

it's a breeze!

It's not often that a sea breeze works in a Kentish soarer's favour. With the mainland swathed in Sunday southerlies, Warden Bay and its easterly cliffs seems like an unlikely location to get some flying in. But as any die-hard slope addict knows, it's always worth packing the Alula when out on a family jaunt.

And so it was yesterday, with the Isle cooking nicely in late spring sun, the cool sea air got pulled onto, and straight up the muddy inclines.

Initially blessed with smooth lift for a good twenty minutes or so, the sun went in and soon after the wind suddenly turned through 90 degrees revealing its true heading and killing any prospect of further fun!

22 May 2022

quality control

Tower Pro's new infinitely adjustable
output shaft....


seems like this groundbreaking concept
hasn't yet made it through to the servo arms

15 May 2022

a blip on the horizon

 Saturday- zero slope lift but nice juicy thermals....

and what's that off in the distance?

let's take a closer look shall we?

13 May 2022

It's been a while!

It's been a while, but we're very pleased to announce
that we're back at it!

Grass, glass and a gaseous medium to fly through
what more could you want!

Dave's lovely tailless Lidl conversion

handles the conditions very nicely!

David's picked up a lovely looking, yet to be flown Centi-Phase
we're not too sure about the wing graphics though!

the canopy is in A1 condition

Alan keeps reminding David to remove the wing bags

it's away with no fuss or bother
the net curtain wings breaking new
ground in aerofoil turbulation development

Foss' lines never fail to please the eye

Mark tucks into a sandwich whilst Eric tucks into his brain

lovely Lentus

Prost !